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The 8th edition of “Forevermark Forum” kickstarts in Bangalore on a successful note

The eighth edition of "Forevermark Forum 2019" kick started on 9th July in Sheraton Grand hotel, Bangalore. To be held for three days – 9th, 10th and 11th July, the Forevermark Forum provides a unique platform for the key players in the diamond industry to exchange ideas, disseminate information and to highlight the importance of dialogue in the growth of this industry. The theme of the event this year “Be Limitless” make us think about the myriad opportunities we will have if we choose to go beyond our boundaries to achieve more and be limitless.

Stephan Lussier, CEO, Forevermark

Day 1 of Forevermark Forum 2019 started on a positive note of being limitless in our endeavours and the Debeers Group described their vision and the journey of the brand “Forevermark”. Speaking on the occasion, Stephan Lussier, CEO, Forevermark started by saying, “I love the theme be limitless. This is what I feel when I look at Forevermark. I am happy to be in Bangalore because it all started from here for us”. Sachin Jain, President, Forevermark India and Stephan Lussier, CEO, Forevermark shared their valuable perspective on several aspects concerning the brand “Forevermark” and how it became one of the most important diamond brands. They touched upon several key points such as their focus on the product and design, the digital intelligence, consumer insight, marketing campaigns and much more.

Courtesy - JFM



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