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The (IJEX) Centre in Dubai Appoints Transguard as Official Logistics Partner

The India Jewellery Exposition (IJEX) in Dubai, set up by The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC), India, has appointed Transguard as its official logistics partner. IJEX is a one-stop destination for the world to source Indian jewellery in Dubai. The platform will enable GJEPC members to display goods and book orders throughout the year. The 365-day exhibition will promote specific categories of 'Made in India' gems & jewellery, divided into four seasons, each lasting three months.

An agreement was signed between IJEX and Transgurad today at the IJEX in Dubai between Mr. Sabyasachi Ray, Executive Director, GJEPC and Mr. Rabie Atie, Senior Vice President, Transguard, Emirates Group Security.

IJEX will exhibit exceptional craftsmanship and finesse of Indian iewellery to the global iewellery market. This platform aims to assist MSME members of GJEPC in entering new markets, fostering business partnerships. It will act to expand trade opportunities for GJEPC members in the Middle East Market, with special emphasis on Dubai, African & CIS Countries.

Transguard will take charge of handling the logistics for exporters at IJEX, from clearing goods at Dubai Customs to delivering them to the exporters, and then returning them after the tenure ends. Furthermore, there is a safe storage room that has been built in the office premises based on all security parameters provided by Transguard. They have also offered a $10 million insurance policy for the goods kept in the secure storage, and they will oversee the daily operations in their entirety.

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