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The Jewelry that’s set to sparkle in 2020

Whether it’s big, bold, bright or ball-shaped, this year’s jewelry will be all about making a statement. Staying true to the millennial fashion ethos, responsibly sourced materials and new, unique styles will play a big role in tomorrow’s jewelry trends.

We take a look at the top picks for 2020 according to Vogue, Forbes, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan.

Going natural

Raw materials such as driftwood, seashells and raffia will be popular in the coming year, with designers such as Hemmerle, Chaumet, Prada, Miu Miu and Simone Rocha all raising the bar on luxury using these simple items.

Nature-inspired themes will hit store shelves in 2020 as well, with designs featuring the sand and sea gaining steam. Aviary pieces and tortoiseshell designs will also be top sellers in the coming year.

All the hoopla

Hoops will take on a new twist, with different variations modernizing the traditional staple. Tubular shapes, paint and enamel-dipped pieces and eclectic materials including stone, lucite and ribbons will dress up the old standby.

Having a ball

Three-dimensional round shapes will be a big-ticket item. Pieces will feature balls, globes of metal and glass, multicolored beads, round pearls, and pendant orbs, which will be spotted dangling on the ends of chains, as ear studs, or clumped together on neckwear.

Finding the link

Ultra-large, chunky link chains are expected to be all the rage, worn as bracelets, necklaces, or rings, and stacked, piled, and layered on top of each other. More is more, both in terms of size and quantity, according to experts.

All choked up

Chokers are in, appearing in all shapes, sizes, styles and materials, as long as they make a statement. From thick gold bands that cover the whole neck, to chunky chains and lucite tubes, bolder is definitely better.

Taking the long way

On the opposite side of the spectrum, long, dangling lariat-style, bolo and elongated Y-shaped necklaces are headlining the runway. These sport balls, tassels, charms and sweeping chains.

Draped like a scarf, or decorating the décolletage, they often have adjustable slides that can change the length.

Bright color to no color

See-through jewelry made from clear crystal, stone, lucite and other materials dominated 2020 jewelry-preview catwalks, juxtaposed with pieces set with a splash of color, such as bright enamels, vibrant beads and multicolored rhinestones.

Other popular trends expected to hit the 2020 jewelry scene include full-body jewelry that resembles clothing, earcuffs, mixed-metal pieces and statement earrings worn in only one ear.

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