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This Akshay Tritiyta saw uptick in Lightweight jewellery sales

Lightweight jewellery has always attracted every woman of all ages. Often, heavy jewellery is not be apt for office wear or casual meet ups with friends. The trendy lightweight jewellery was considered to be more everyday use.

Now, with gold prices on the increase, affordability comes into the picture. So, consumers, who are constrained by affordability, keep alive the tradition on purchasing gold on occasions like Akshaya Tritiya by going in for lightweight jewelry.

This Akshaya Tritiya Customers either made token purchases or went for lightweight jewellery on the auspicious occasion . World Gold Council Managing Director, India, Somasundaram PR said “token purchases happened true to the spirit of the festivity “.

Uttar Pradesh-based Aisshpra Gems and Jewels Vaibhav Saraf said "The consumer footfalls picked up again towards the evening. People are mostly going for lightweight items for an average of around 7 grams this festival. Southern region have indicated people are mostly going in for light-weight jewellery items ranging from 2-8 grams.”

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