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Tiffany & Co and Daniel Arsham mark the new Lock collection

The Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock sculpture from Tiffany & Co and Daniel Arsham conceals a Tiffany Lock bracelet studded with diamonds and tsavorites

Tiffany & Co is celebrating the new Tiffany Lock collection with a second collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham, who has created a special edition of 99 sculptures and a limited-edition bangle.

The Bronze Eroded Tiffany Padlock sculpture nods to Tiffany & Co’s history, with the jewellery house’s sales of functional padlocks dating from the late 19th century. It was a motif soon assimilated into designs from key rings, money clips and brooches to today’s new Tiffany Lock collection.

In the sculpture, Arsham nods both to this heritage and the aesthetic of his Future Relics series, which rethinks today’s objects as items of historical note (his recent collaboration with Rimowa placed an ‘eroded’ turntable inside a suitcase). Here, the eroded bronze sculptures, treated with a hand-applied patina, intertwine references both to Tiffany & Co’s distinctive blue hue and the natural erosion that comes with time. Inside, a concealed Tiffany & Co x Arsham Studio Lock bangle set with diamonds and tsavorites nods to the vivid green first seen in Tiffany & Co creations in 1974.

The new piece builds on this year’s jewellery collection, Tiffany Lock, itself an elegant symbol of functional design. Four new styles in 18ct yellow and rose gold feature a clasp with a swivelling mechanism, in an echo of the padlock’s form.

‘The collection was designed with the idea of re-envisioning the padlock – a product Tiffany had offered prior to the 1950s. We transformed it into a symbol of unbreakable bonds and inclusivity with the spirit of “No Rules. All welcome”. Tiffany Lock is meant for everyone,’ says Alexandre Arnault, executive vice president, product and communications at Tiffany & Co. ‘Taking influence from the padlock, the mechanism behind Lock echoes its functionality and was specifically designed by our Tiffany Jewellery Design and Innovation Workshop. The clasp opens and closes when the U-bar is pulled from the notch area, which activates the spring inside the bracelet.’

The new design stays faithful to Tiffany & Co’s distinctive chic minimalism. Adds Arnault: ‘Our designs are rooted in balancing our heritage with modernity and the new Tiffany Lock bangles are a great example of this approach.’

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