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Traders call for direct flights between Belgium and India

Diamond traders in Antwerp are calling on Air India to introduce non-stop flights to Delhi and Mumbai.They've written to the airline saying the move would save travelling time and allow them to streamline their operations.

There is currently no direct service between Belgium and India, two of the world's biggest diamond hubs. Many passengers change in Dubai, Qatar, Switzerland or Germany.

Air India, part of the Tata Group, announced a major expansion in January and said it would be adding 68 new planes to its fleet this year.

Traders in Antwerp see this as opportunity to introduce direct flights."Our international business operations necessitate frequent travel, involving visits to clients, suppliers, and our company's subsidiaries spanning the globe," they say in a letter to Campbell Wilson, CEO of Air India.

"We respectfully request Air India to explore the possibility of introducing direct passenger flights to Brussels in the near future."

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