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"Unleashing the Secrets of Coloured Gemstones: AGTA and Colorado School of Mines Collaborate"

Boosting Sustainability and Ethics in the Coloured Gemstone Industry: AGTA and Colorado School of Mines Take the Lead

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) and the Colorado School of Mines are joining forces to improve the coloured gemstone industry. The collaboration aims to understand the supply chain of coloured gemstones, including the sustainability and ethical issues surrounding the industry. AGTA and Colorado School of Mines plan to conduct research on the coloured gemstone market and supply chain, to make the industry more transparent, sustainable, and ethical. The research will focus on coloured gemstones that are in high demand and have a significant impact on the industry. This collaboration will bring new insights and knowledge to the coloured gemstone industry, which will benefit both the industry and the consumers.

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