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US retailer ordered to disclose LGD origins

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC), which promotes mined diamonds, had challenged the way Agape Diamonds marketed its lab grown stones.Agape, based in Tampa, Florida, subsequently made modifications, but not to the full satisfaction of the NDC.

The NDC referred the matter to the National Advertising Division (NAD) of not-for-profit regulator BBB National Programs, which concluded that some of the online advertising did "not include clear and conspicuous disclosure of the stone's origin".

NAD did, however, say that much of the modified advertising now complied with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) jewelry guides.NAD said in a press release that it "had recommended all Agape advertising include the appropriate description (e.g., "Simulated" or "Lab Grown") immediately preceding the word "diamond" or "stone" with equal conspicuousness so as to clearly disclose the nature and origin of the product and the fact that it is not a mined gemstone".

Agape says on website that it creates "beautiful jewelry with conflict-free simulated diamonds, synthetic diamonds, lab diamonds, and natural diamonds that are ethically sourced".In its advertiser statement, the company said it would comply with NAD's recommendations and that it was "committed to accurate and truthful advertising, as recommended by NAD and as codified in the federal regulations and enforced by the FTC."

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