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US Spot Gold holds above $2,000

US Spot Gold has traded comparatively thin through the week after Monday’s massive surge.XAU/USD peaked just above $2,140 to kick off the week, holding steady just above $2,020.Risk markets will be clamping down on positioning ahead of Friday’s US NFP print.

Gold set new all-time highs this week at $2,144.48 in a hard bid rally early Monday, and the XAU/USD has spent the rest of the week in thin trading after paring away Monday’s opening gains.

Spot Gold has bid slightly lower on the week, down a little over 2% from Monday’s opening prices as investors head into the Friday trading session. Traders will be looking ahead to the latest US Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) report due in the upcoming American trading session to close out the week

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