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Vicenzaoro September 2023 sees 6% rise in visitor footfall

Vicenzaoro September, one of the world’s largest jewellery trade shows held in Vicenza, Italy, saw a 6% rise in visitors compared with the September 2022 edition, lured by a huge offering of state-of-the-art jewellery designs from around the world.

Vicenzaoro, organised by Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) and staged twice a year in January and September, is a conduit for cutting-edge Italian gold and silver jewellery exports, as well as the latest jewellery designs, loose stones and accessories from leading suppliers such as India, Hong Kong, Thailand and Turkey. Buyers from 132 countries visited 1200 exhibiting brands at the show.

‘Solidity’ was the feature of this edition of Vicenzaoro with the economic growth curve for Made in Italy production and sales growing in terms of both turnover (+10.2% in the first six months) and exports (9.3% over the first five months), making the gold jewellery sector the best performing in the Italian fashion system with a more than average growth than Italian manufacturing as a whole, according to the Vicenzaoro press statement.

Prominent jewellery design trends seen at the show included the popularity of the colour blue, with a profusion of sapphire and tanzanite designs; pendants in chunky sizes; and gender fluidity, said Italian journalist Laura Inghirami, who runs the widely followed donna.jewel Instagram feed.

Show director Marco Carniello, in a briefing with journalists, estimated that the total value of Italian gold and silver jewellery exports was some 10 billion euros in 2022 following the pandemic, up from 6-7 billion in 2019.

He said that in his view, there were three reasons for the surge: supply bottlenecks during the lockdowns; a growth in branding, with more manufacturing shifting to Italy and then exported; and the sustained operations of Vicenzaoro during the lockdowns, keeping the show open within the prevailing restrictions.

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