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WDC President says KP’s diversity should be the source of its strength

In her first speech to the Kimberley Process as President of the World Diamond Council, Feriel Zerouki has stressed that the diversity of opinion and background of the KP’s members – Participants and Observers alike – should be considered not a deficiency but rather a source of strength. She was speaking during the Opening Session of the organization’s 2023 Intersessional Meeting, which began yesterday in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

“I appreciate that there are national and business interests at stake, and that we all are committed to faithfully representing the countries and organizations that we represent,” she said. “But my own lived experience has taught me of the inability to predict people’s opinions or positions based on where they come from, and that a diverse group ultimately enables more successful and stable outcomes, as long as we constantly seek to recognize each other’s positive intentions. After all, we all stand behind one objective, and that is the success of the KP.”

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