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Wedding demand turns yellow metal hotter in Ahmedabad

If sales figure is anything to go by, skyrocketing gold price has appear to have had very little impact on jewellery sales. Monday did not buck the trend either. Happy jewellers thank the ongoing wedding season for rising demand.

“Despite the high prices demand for gold jewellery is good, mainly due to the ongoing wedding season. We expect purchases to remain good for another month, before the Holasthak or inauspicious period sets in.” Manoj Soni, a city based jewellers said.

Interestingly, buoyant demand for gold jewellery is hardly reflected in the metal’s import figures. According to Ahmadabad Air Cargo Complex, import figures stood at 0.839 metric tonnes in January, a decline of 68.4% against the same period last year.

Courtesy- Times of India



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