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WGC documentary explores the untold human relationship with gold

The World Gold Council announced the release of a new documentary: Gold: A Journey with Idris Elba, created in partnership with Pioneer Productions.

British film and television actor Idris Elba, explores the mysteries, stories and untold human relationship with gold. As his journey unfolds, viewers are taken around the globe as he conquers his claustrophobia down Canadian mine shafts, explores his heritage in Ghana and delves into the journey to responsible mining in South Africa.

Gold: A Journey explores the value of gold past, present and future, while discovering its powers of transformation on individuals, communities and economies. It also highlights how the industry is navigating current challenges, from post-mining regeneration and energy consumption to the future of the workforce in gold mining.

David Tait, Chief Executive Officer, World Gold Council said: “Gold has a positive impact across the lives of individuals, communities and economies, with much of the story to date left to imagination. On behalf of our members and the industry, we are delighted to bring the human stories of gold to life for the first time, working with Idris Elba to explore the value and evolution of gold.”

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