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WGC launches ‘You Are Gold’ campaign

Updated: Feb 28

World Gold Council (WGC) has launched a new ‘You are Gold’ multimedia campaign to reinvigorate the relationship of millennials and Gen Z with gold in a meaningful way in India.

The campaign introduces a film that embraces a broader audience, presenting gold as an ally for youth, both women and men. The film focuses on highlighting stories of individuals that are getting past the doubts, insecurities and shining bright. Showing the world what they can truly achieve. Aiming to empower and uplift millennials and Gen Z by celebrating courage and perseverance amidst evolving perceptions and placing modern gold jewellery as powerful means of self-expression.

Arti Saxena, Head of Marketing, India, World Gold Council, commented, “Our attempt is to make gold relatable to today’s youth. To show a montage of stories that resonates with them and presents gold as an ally that reflects the go-getter qualities they possess. We want them to view gold jewellery as something that empowers them. Our film shows passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds pursuing their passions, overcoming fears, achieving their goals and placing beautiful gold jewellery as a symbol of empowerment and self-expression during adversity.”

Siddhi Yadav Machado, Executive Creative Director, The McCann Worldgroup, stated, “The ‘You are Gold’ campaign embodies a contemporary narrative tailored to today’s generation. Through our collaboration, we aim to inspire and portray youthful stories of our modern consumer, celebrating individuality and courage. The montage of short stories capture the pivotal moments in every individual’s journey who overcome self-doubt and letting their intrinsic shine through with gold.”

The campaign’s new film will be prominently featured on India’s largest broadcast networks, including Star Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Zee Entertainment, and Viacom 18. It will also leverage high-traffic digital platforms such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and utilise cutting-edge tech media platforms to tailor its messaging to specific demographics and interests.

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