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Zerodha Fund House highlights gold investment opportunities on Akshaya Tritiya  

As Akshaya Tritiya approaches, Zerodha Fund House, India’s only passive  AMC, highlights the significance of this auspicious day and the potential of gold investments. Akshaya  Tritiya, falling on 10th May this year, holds great cultural and religious significance in India, marking  prosperous beginnings. 

Various options are available for investing in gold for individuals looking to diversify their investment  portfolio or hedge against inflation. Here are some popular options: 

● Physical gold  

● Sovereign Gold Bonds  

● Digital Gold 

● Gold ETFs 

When choosing a gold investment option, factors such as liquidity, storage costs, taxation, safety and  investment horizon are typical considerations.  

Inflow into Gold ETF recorded significant increase during and post pandemic  

Preference for Gold during the time of adversity is also notable from the investment inflow into Gold  ETFs during 2020 when the world was engulfed with pandemic of Covid.  

From an analysis for the period between 2019 to 2023, yearly  growth in assets under management of Gold ETFs have been  on the rise. Gold ETF Asset Under Management increased  significantly and by around 150% from INR 5,527.76 crores  in December 2019 to 13,819.39 crores in December 2020  during the pandemic period. The AUM in Gold ETFs has been  on a growth trajectory since then. As of December 2023, the  AUM in Gold ETFs is valued at INR 25,959.02 cr, which is  substantial growth of 27.29% from December 2022 and  87.84% from December 2020. (Source: MFI Explorer by ICRA  Analytics) 

Vishal Jain, CEO, Zerodha Fund House said, “Investing in gold ETFs offers unparalleled advantages  including liquidity, cost-effectiveness, and security. By investing in gold ETFs like Zerodha Fund House’s  Gold ETF (NSE, BSE symbol - GOLDCASE), investors can eliminate the hassle of storage, purity concerns  and insurance associated with physical gold, while enjoying the flexibility of investing on the stock  exchange.” 

Zerodha Gold ETF (NSE, BSE symbol GOLDCASE) is a passively managed scheme from Zerodha Fund  House. As on May 8, per AMFI data <Source:>,  Zerodha Gold ETF (NSE, BSE symbol GOLDCASE) is the cheapest gold ETF in India from an expense ratio  point of view and available at an affordable price.


Product Label and Risk-o-meter of scheme 

Zerodha Gold ETF 

(An open-ended scheme replicating/tracking domestic prices of Gold ) 

This product is suitable for  investors who are seeking*: 

Risk-o-meter of the scheme 

Risk-o-meter of the Benchmark  (Domestic Price of Physical Gold)

Long term capital  appreciation 

Investment in gold in order to  generate returns similar to the  performance of the gold,  subject to tracking errors.


Investors should understand that their principal will be at High Risk

*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.  

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