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AIGS Launches App to prevent counterfeiting

The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences (AIGS) has launched a mobile app that can verify its gemstone reports, following a recent slew of counterfeiting cases.

“This new app is necessary in order to protect our customers,” AIGS chairman Kennedy Ho said last week. “This is the most secure way to verify our reports from now on.”

The app — which AIGS says is the first of its kind — adds an extra layer of protection that was not previously available with its QR-code verification, the lab said last week.

Forgers have been creating fake AIGS reports that look like genuine ones, the organization warned the industry in July. The QR codes on those reports directed users to a fake website with the suffix co, rather than com.

“This app was made to counter the counterfeiters,” Ho told Rapaport News last week. “[It] will help our clients a great deal because when the app is used to scan a fake report, the system will show a warning and will not take you to a fake website.”

Third-party QR-code scanners will no longer be able to verify AIGS reports, the lab added.

Courtesy - Rapaport



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