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Challenging times for the jewellery industry says CIBJO President

The jewellery industry must navigate a changing landscape as it emerges from the constraints of the Covid-19 pandemic, facing a reduction in strategic advantages and an economic slowdown in several regions, CIBJO President Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri revealed at the Global Pearl Development Conference held in , Zhuji, China on 21st May, 2023.

“The entire Covid period showcased the inherent resilience of the fine jewellery market, despite the immense pressures imposed by lockdowns and disruptions to supply chains worldwide,” stated Dr. Cavalieri. "While there was an initial decline in demand as consumers adjusted to the new normal, we witnessed a subsequent recovery, with sales often surpassing pre-crisis levels. In fact, in 2021, most indicators showed better results compared not only to 2020 but also to 2019, pre-pandemic."

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