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Christie’s Magnificent Jewels to auction 25 JAR creations on May 17

Paris-based jeweler Joel Arthur Rosenthal, aka JAR, is admired by connoisseurs around the world for creating pieces that transcend the boundary separating jewellery from sculpture.

Now, collectors who’ve coveted the famously reclusive artist’s work will have a chance to acquire it at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels sale in Geneva on 17 May 2023.An assortment of 25 JAR creations will go on the block, representing the largest JAR collection ever to appear at auction.

This May 2023, this fabulous collection, offering 25 JAR creations, will become the largest JAR collection ever to appear at auction, spanning 40 years of creativity.

Joel Arthur Rosenthal pairs unusual gemstones with non-traditional materials and has a daring way with colour and proportion. The quality of his work recalls the jewellery of the 18th and 19th centuries.

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