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Dazzle with Diamonds

‘An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest’.

With this motive, SGL conducted ‘Dazzle with Diamonds’ training for jewellery retailers’ staff in Delhi to educate & upscale the knowledge of the diamond jewellery retail community.

It was a joint initiative taken by SGL and the Delhi Jewellers Association. The event was inaugurated by Alok Jain, Treasurer of the Delhi Jeweller Association & Prabhat Shekhar, Director of Manoharlal Jewellers.

Prabhat stated, ‘We all are entrepreneurs who are frightened but to remove that fear, education is the most important factor.’

SGL conducted an educational session on the changing nuances of the jewellery market, tutoring more about diamonds and their processes & upscaling the sales techniques for an effective sale experience.

The Diamond seminar was conducted by SGL's experienced gemologists who imparted knowledge and training on different aspects of diamonds. It covered a broad spectrum of topics starting from the evaluation and grading of Diamonds, mining techniques, and the essential 4Cs (cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight).

Samit Bhatta, Director at The Retail Jeweller Magazine India, was the guest speaker for the training. He shared his insights on topics such as brand building, sales pitches, and modern-day sales techniques. It was aimed to conduct practical knowledge steered sessions that talk about the ongoing requirements for a sales staff and gave a synopsis of the gems and jewellery industry.

“Businesses have a tremendous responsibility to constantly enhance their brand equity among their customers. The sales staff are the representatives of the brand. Hence, the sales technique and brand building knowledge is the crucial part to upscale.” stated Samit Bhatta

Shirin Bandukwalla, co-founder of SGL Labs talked about marketing & sales techniques. The session conducted helped the sales staff to improve their communication skills, and etiquette while attending to a client. It imparted that knowing your product & customer is a crucial factor while selling. This created a sheer motivation in the minds of staff to excel while closing a sale keeping in mind these techniques.

“Sales staff are an important part of the ambience at the showroom. The representation of their actions has to be exemplary to lure the customers.’ stated Shirin Bandukwalla.

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