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FS Life's Mikoto Gets a Revamp, Introducing March - a Fine Silver Jewellery Brand

Mikoto, a sterling silver and semi-precious jewellery brand by FS Life, has completed an extensive rebranding effort as the brand enters its next phase of growth. At the core of this rebranding is its transition from semi-precious to fine silver jewellery with a new name, March. A fine silver jewelry brand offering quality design and craftsmanship at affordable prices.

Having engaged with customers through Mikoto, FS Life found the need to bring-in silver jewellery that resonates with the everyday to occasion wear needs of the women of today. Moreover, educating them on how they can accessorize well was identified as an important factor. This led to the creation of March, a brand that not only offers quality silver jewellery but also educates customers on how to style and wear it. March's product philosophy revolves around making classic jewelry an everyday and occasion wear accessory that's comfortable, easy to wear, and affordable. The brand's design aesthetic is "Minimally Maximal," where each piece exudes the boldness of silver in an overall elegant design. The ergonomic design ensures that each piece is optimized for ease and comfort, from adjustable rings to earrings with posts that don't hurt when you take a phone call.

March caters to the modern woman who rejoices in her femininity, is chic, and loves to play with fashion to make it her own. Whether it's for a first date or a power pose for the 'gram, March has silver jewellery that adds just the right amount of elan to any occasion.

Each piece of jewellery from March comes with a Certificate of Authenticity for silver, ensuring that the brand maintains quality standards across each stage of production. March aims to take silver jewellery from being a rare item to an everyday accessory and minimal styles to occasion wear without compromising on its value.

"Our aim is to make jewelry an effortless experience for women. We want to empower them with knowledge and offer them quality silver jewellery that complements their everyday to occasion wear style," says Ayushi Gudwani, founder of March.

Mikoto was launched in February 2022 and has grown extensively in the last year. March is now available for purchase on their website, and they are planning to soon launch their retail stores across the country.

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