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G Belin Introduces AI Technology for Enhanced Gemstone Grading Precision

G Belin, a renowned international gemological laboratory, has implemented artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve the accuracy and consistency of gemstone grading. The laboratory has collaborated with a Hong Kong-based AI company to develop a sophisticated AI grading system that analyses the microscopic characteristics of gemstones to provide more precise and consistent results.

The system uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to examine gemstones and detect their subtle variations. It is capable of analysing a wide range of gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. The AI grading system offers a more objective and impartial grading process, reducing the potential for human error.

According to G Belin, the new AI technology has improved grading accuracy by over 90%, while also enhancing productivity and reducing grading time. The system has been implemented in G Belin's gemological laboratory in Hong Kong and is set to be introduced to other laboratories in the near future.

This new technology will undoubtedly revolutionise the gemstone grading industry, as it provides a more consistent and reliable grading process, benefiting both the gemstone industry and the customers.

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