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GIA Updates Pearl Reports With “Peacock” Colour Range For Tahitian Pearls

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is adding a report comment employing the trade colour term “Peacock” for designated colours of cultured pearls from the Pinctada margaritifera black-lipped pearl oyster, commonly known as Tahitian pearls.

GIA’s industry analysis yielded the identification of the colour range that was commonly agreed upon within the pearl trade as “peacock”. The general description of that colour range is: a body colour with a hue that contains green, of mid-to-strong saturation and mid-to-dark tone, and with moderate or stronger overtone (usually pink, but may be other hues) or orient.

When a pearl, strand or jewellery item meets the carefully defined colour parameters for ‘Peacock,’ a comment that states: This pearl is often referred to as a “Tahitian” cultured pearl in the trade, and it falls into the select colour range that is known as “peacock” (or a variation thereof) will be added to any GIA pearl report. There will be no additional fee for this change.

Source: GJEPC

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