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Hong Kong jewellery shows success

"HKTDC Twin Jewellery Shows Achieve Record-Breaking Success with Buyers from 130 Countries and Regions"

HKTDC Twin Jewellery Shows were successful in gathering more than 2,500 exhibitors and over 60,000 buyers from 130 countries and regions in Hong Kong. The shows were the first major trade fairs following the lifting of the mandatory mask mandate and full resumption of travel in Hong Kong. The five-day fairs reported HK$100 million sales by some exhibitors. The survey conducted on-site revealed that around 60% of exhibitors and buyers expect their business growth to return to pre-pandemic levels in a year. The challenges for the industry include fluctuations in the global economy, the impact of inflation, and fluctuating exchange rates. Furthermore, Karat white gold and Karat yellow gold are expected to be the most popular metal products in 2023. Diamond is expected to be the most in-demand gemstone. Social media, e-commerce, and big data are expected to have the greatest impact on the jewellery industry in the next three years.

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