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Jos Alukkas releases multilingual ad film as part of the Winter Diamond Fest

Jos Alukkas has released an ad film as part of the Winter Diamond Fest. The ad was released in Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu. As part of the Diamond Fest, Jos Alukkas has created a huge collection of diamonds in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Puducherry. The theme of the ad film is shining of diamond in relationships.

As part of the Diamond Festival, all purchases will get valuable gifts. Those purchasing diamonds valued at Rs 50,000 or more will be gifted a complimentary gold coin, adding an extra sparkle to their purchase. Additionally, there is a discount of up to 25% on diamond jewellery and a 7% discount on platinum. Notably, Jos Alukkas allows customers to exchange their old gold for stunning diamond jewellery, ensuring associated benefits and advantages.

"Jos Alukkas always values relationships. The ad film depicts the idea of diamond shining in relationships’’ says Jos Alukka, Chairman of Jos Alukkas. As part of the fest, an attractive and innovative collection of diamonds is available, he adds.

The standout attraction of this festival is the newly introduced premium diamond collections ‘Nityara’.

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