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Lalitha jewellery owner meets accused Murugan and thanks him - here's why

The mastermind behind the robbery in Trichy's Lalitha Jewellery, Murugan, surrendered before a magistrate court in Bengaluru on October 11, 2019. Murugan was involved in the heist where a masked duo robbed jewels worth Rs. 13 crore and the whole incident was recorded on a CCTV camera.

The owner Lalita jewellery Kiran Kumar had recently requested the police to arrange a meeting with Murugan. When he met Murugan, he apparently asked him how he was able to successfully rob the jewellery despite so much security and how he had known where to drill the hole to find the exact place of the jewels. To this, Murugan replied that his wife had visited the shop several times in the past and her keen-eyed scrutiny helped him carry out the plan. The owner then reportedly thanked him and informed the officials that he was worried that one of his employees was acting as a mole, and was relieved to know that that was not the case.

Courtesy - AOJ



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