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Amidst the winter wonder and holiday magic, PGI’s Platinum Love Bands introduce an exclusive collection tailored for winter weddings, encapsulating the essence of those defining moments in a relationship. As the year winds down, couples can commemorate shared laughter, being each other’s greatest supporters, and overcoming challenges together with these exquisite platinum bands. In the season of festivities and winter romance, these milestones become anchors, evoking the strength and resilience that define a rare bond. Celebrate a love so rare with a metal equally precious – platinum.

Born of the stars, platinum, arrived on earth through a meteorite crash over 2 billion years ago. This precious metal is only found in a select few locations around the world and is 30 times rarer than gold, adding to allure of the metal, especially during this magical time of the year. Its unparalleled strength ensures it doesn’t change form or lose its natural white sheen, akin to the resilience and strength of the love shared by these couples. These couples hold on to each other not only during the good times, but tighten their hold when things get tough. Similar to an innate quality of platinum, as it securely holds together diamonds and other precious stones and lets them shine with all their true brilliance against its natural white. Platinum Love Bands, cast in 95% pure and rare platinum, are the ultimate symbol of love.  They mark a love that is built on modern values like respecting each other's individuality, rejoicing in each other’s victories, and committing to equally sharing responsibilities, transcending traditional roles and gender expectations.

Whether it is celebrating a special moment of commitment, an anniversary or even finally taking the next step in a relationship by saying ‘I Do’, every milestone in a couple’s relationship journey deserves to be valued and cherished. As you end the year on a heartfelt note, celebrate your unique relationship milestones by choosing from the season’s latest collection of exquisitely crafted Platinum Love Bands:


The moment you embrace each other’s imperfections and cherish them just the same, you know you’ve found a love that’s one of a kind. These Platinum Love Bands, designed asymmetrically, mirror your ability to find beauty in imperfections. They remind you to love and accept each other even on those not-so-perfect days. Cast in platinum, an incomparably strong precious metal with secure hold over diamonds, a quality that makes it truly rare.  Mark this rare love with Platinum Love Bands.


The moment you realise that your love a beacon of strength against life’s challenges, you know you’ve found something truly rare. These love bands feature a radiant central motif —a burst of sunbeams adorned with a sparkling centre – to signify how your love illuminates your world. Forged in resilient platinum, a metal that is truly extraordinary. Let these Platinum Love Bands echo the unwavering power of your love.


The moment you recognize that your love thrives on honesty and authenticity, you know you’ve found something extraordinary.These love bands blend ageless Greek motifs with contemporary design, including a studded centre that symbolizes the truth at the heart of your love. Crafted in 95% pure platinum, one of the highest standards of purity in precious jewellery, platinum is truly rare. Let these Platinum Love Bands epitomize the rare authenticity that anchors your love.

Platinum Days of Love by PGI-India offers a curated selection of exquisitely crafted Platinum Love Bands, which is available across leading jewellery retail stores in India.

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