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"Amantran Jewels Launches Jali-Inspired Collection"

"Discover the Timeless Beauty of Jali Art with Amantran Jewels' Latest Collection"

Surat-based Amantran Jewels has released a stunning collection of jewellery inspired by India's iconic Jali art. The collection features 16 pieces of diamond, gold, and polki-Kundan jewellery with designs inspired by different types of Jali. With a price range starting from Rs 20,000 to Rs 3 lakh, the collection is perfect for everyday wear and special occasions, including weddings and Valentine's Day.

This jewellery brand from Surat has been in the industry for 22 years. The company takes inspiration from India's rich cultural heritage and updates traditional designs to fit modern aesthetics.

Highlight: Amantran Jewels also offers a unique "Know Your Jewelry Value" initiative: customers can select parameters that affect the price of their jewellery and get an estimation of the gold and diamond prices, along with the making charges, while also getting a marker to indicate the pricing trend.

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