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Greenlab Diamonds:Creator of LGD gifted to Jill Biden

The 7.5-carat, lab-grown green diamond gifted to Jill Bide was manufactured by Greenlab Diamonds,a Surat-based diamond manufacturing company.

A businessman from Surat, Mukesh Patel, owns Greenlab Diamonds in Ichhapur area of Surat city. His son, Smit Patel, said that it was a matter of great pride not only for Surat but for the entire country that the lab-grown diamond was gifted by PM Modi to Jill Biden.

The green diamond is sculpted with precision and care using cutting-edge technology. It emits only 0.028 grams of carbon per carat and is certified by the Gemological lab, IGI. It bears the hallmarks of excellence through the 4C’s -- cut, colour, carat and clarity.

Greenlab has made the world’s largest polished LGD. The biggest diamond of 27.27 carat is named ‘Om’, a marquise step cut.

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